‘Black Foundry’ raid arrives today in the ‘World of Warcraft’

Today, the new boss has finally arrived for a new raid, known as the ‘Black Foundry,’ in the ‘World of Warcraft.’ The latest raid will have four difficulties with Normal and Heroic coming a little ahead of Mythic and Raid, which will follow in subsequent weeks.

World of Warcraft Black Foundry

The new boss Rukhmar is a fire hawk that utilizes fire magic against players that challenge her. The avian sun goddess will be hovering above the Spires of Arak zone, and this boss can summon phoenixes to charge other players of the game, reported US Battle.

She also occasionally drops a mount called Solar Spirehawk, which is a mini version of her-although this mount doesn’t have the ability to fly in Draenor. A piece of item level 665 gear will be granted to the player who successfully brings her down.
With an assault on the Blackrock Foundry, adventurers in the world of Draenor will have to deal with the blazing core of the Iron Horde. This will will follow the defeat of Imperator Mar’gok in the first raid of the expansion. There will also be a wealth of loot, including tokens for the Tier 17 armor set. In addition to this, the players will be able to set the stage for the next part of the legendary ring questline, wrote Game Ranx.

Black Foundry will be available in four different difficulty levels: Looking for Raid, Normal, Heroic and Mythic, indicated US Battle. Depending on the difficulty that you will choose, you will have the option to determine the item level of the loot. LFR will have 650 level gear and level 695 will be given for the mythic.

Mythic difficulty will be for players who are seeking difficult content, and this will be available next week. This level will increase the difficulty and adds new mechanics for each boss at the same time. This level is especially designed for really skilled players, reported Gamer Headlines.

As of now, there are no official announcements as to when the next raid will be available, but according to several reports, Blackrock Foundry will certainly keep the gamers occupied before the next one comes. The ‘World of Warcraft’ new raid is currently available for North America, while European players can get hold of it tomorrow.

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