Be aware that the game has long queues if you’re free to play right now because it just got released. Even WoW suffers the same when they release new expansions. Also sorry about low frame rate in some areas on the video – my recording software struggled to keep up.

Oh then we’re on the same page. Your english makes it very confusing. I thought by you saying “this also” is referring to Tera. I like BnS and I’m still playing it. Anywho characters in BnS still have skillcaps. Have you tried playing something like a blade master vs a summoner. Yes it’s possible to beat summoners but assuming you and the summoner are equally skilled the summoner is more likely to win.

If you play on the most populated servers, yes. They just released new servers and practically everything you could ever want to do is available cross server, pick one of the recommended servers and you’ll likely only have a 10 minute wait even at peak hours. Also, all of the servers are based around the same data center so picking a server for ping isn’t a thing.

I actually semi disagree with the story part. While it does have a bit of a boring start and I found myself wanting to skip it at some places, the more you get into it it’s actually very interesting. bns’s story is not only about the “chosen one” trope. The story is more focused on your character. it is about betrayal (which is a very common theme) and you really get to see your character grow. your character even gives up at one point and betrays the way of hongmoon to join not saying name for spoiler purposes the dark side. Your character goes through a huge ass questline at the moonwater plains and I think it may be the most important part of the story. I mean the story may not be for everyone but I think anyone playing should give it a chance.

The 1v1 pvp in Blade & Soul is probably better than Tera, but if you’re looking for a larger scale pvp, even in open world, I think an mmo with your usual Tanks, DPS and healers would be better, such as Tera. Also, PvE is definitely better in tera.

The only thing I don’t like about the game so far (just hit lvl 20) is that at low levels, it’s super hard to make any money and everything’s way too expensive. As in, it costs 5 silver to buy 1 health potion, but quests are giving you like 20 or less copper, if any at all. At lvl 20, I have just barely over 5 silver, so in 20 lvls I made enough money to buy 1 fucking health potion. Granted, the game gives you a lot of free shit, but still.

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