Blizzard to integrate Twitter into World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor with Patch 6.1

Blizzard will be bringing a new bird to World of Warcraft, but it won’t be a mount or a pet. It won’t even be a boss, it will be the little blue bird called Twitter – the 140 character limiting hashtag social media machine.

World of Warcraft Screenshot - 1176401

Players will be able to use Twitter to promote in-game events, milestones, achievements or even just to show off screenshots from in-game.

How this integration will work is interesting, there will no API calls or automatic functions — that means that if you want to use Twitter in-game it will be done manually, not through an add-on. Twitter will not be automatically enabled when you initially log-on WoW, you will have to enable it. Where you will log on to Twitter is a question that has not been answered, but we do know that the integration will not let you create accounts.

If you’re downing bosses in a guild, killing in PVP, or exploring the world, there’s a lot to Tweet about. What would you Tweet about from WoW?

Imagine if Twitter was integrated into The Sims…It would be Tweets of Sims peeing themselves and dying for miles.

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