cops and robbers! | Overwatch custom game (Funny Moments)

I have a challenge for ya! It’s called the worst Overwatch player ever. Here are your options. Bastion recon mode only. Battle mercy only. Mei right click only (no freezing). Widowmaker with no sniping. Road hog without hooking. Pharah without flying.

I would like you to do 2020. Let me explain. 5 Soldiers in a black skin (Secret service) and one torbjorn (Trump) attacking on Dorado with six sombra (the Mexicans) on defence. play two games and switch sides on the second.

Please bleep your friend that keeps dropping the f-bomb. My sons(10&7) really like watching your videos and I think you’re an intelligent guy that makes funny content. However, language like mother f-er is not OK. Mother fudger. I’m fine with. Even crap would be OK.

I’m kinda sad…. I love playing video games, but when I play it with my friends they all laugh at me because I’m bad. They are pretty good and just completely ridicule me for anything I do wrong….. I’m just kinda mad/sad because I know I am but I can’t do anything about it cuz I don’t know how to get better.

I have a challenge for you. Called Ladies Night Out. You and your team on Overwatch must be all different female characters in Capture the Rooster and win a game with the 3 and 0 score. Only female character that cant be used is D.Va. The rest is all game.

Journey to the West Challenge. You and your team with the skins to Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston and Zenyatta must win Capture the Rooster with the 3-0 victory. The other two on your team will be Symettra and Mercy with their Year of the Rooster skins but can only play defense. Mercy cant heal or damage boost the main four. The main four are the only ones to score. Good Luck with which ever of the challenges you choose.

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