Elder Scrolls: Argonia and Beyond, Is the New Game more Expansive than Initially Thought

So far, most rumors regarding the new “Elder Scrolls 6” have been focused on the game’s theme and setting, with the most prominent speculation placing the new title right in the middle of Argonia, the mysterious swampy marshland from the franchise’s world. And while this speculation has been getting more and more prominent, there seems to be a bit more to those rumors than was initially thought by most fans – the game may have a much wider setting than Argonia itself, if the latest rumors turn out to be true.

According to the most popular speculations at the moment, the new game is being developed with the goal of including the entire Tamriel as a playable area, as ambitious as that may sound. Rumors have it that the main central location of the game will still be Argonia, but all of Tamriel will be available for travel and exploration, and players will get to see a lot more in terms of locations compared to the previous games in the franchise.

There have also been some new, more detailed rumors about the way the game will be structured. Reportedly, it will start out in the Black Marsh, but after that players will be able to quickly travel to any part of Tamriel, including Morrowind, Hammerfall, Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

Of course, even though the game is a completely next generation title, it’s still a bit unrealistic to expect that all of those locations will be recreated exactly as they were in the original games. According to reports, they will be significantly scaled down, leaving out many unimportant locations, but the main theme of the places will still be the same, and players who’ve spent a lot of time with the previous titles should feel right at home as soon as they travel to one of those locations in the new “Elder Scrolls”.

Elder Scrolls Argonia

In addition, another more recent bit of speculation about the game concerns its multiplayer portion. According to the rumors, the game will include an online component, and Bethesda have reportedly learned a lot from their mediocre results with “The Elder Scrolls Online”. The multiplayer component will not be tied to the single player in any way, and players will be able to experience both separately and on their own accord. Bethesda have reportedly been taking a lot of inspiration from “GTA 5” with regards to the multiplayer of their new title, and it’s rumored to be somewhat similar to the online gameplay of Rockstar’s latest title. It’s not known how large the maps will be, or how the gameplay will be structured exactly, and there are lots of possibilities about that in a game from this franchise.

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