Guild Wars 2 update introduces content streaming, completely overhauls stability buff

This game just got a lot more interesting

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While most big Guild Wars 2 updates come out Tuesday, ArenaNet chose today to release a major patch and several new features along with it. In the words of John Arnold, “Hold onto your butts.”

Some key points? Content streaming debuts in beta form, while new camera options finally make their way to the game. Additionally ArenaNet has removed World vs. World maps from the world completion requirement, and stability has undergone a game-changing overhaul.

Content streaming, for those unaware, should allow players to actually start playing Guild Wars 2 as the game is still patching. This feature is currently still in beta, but as ArenaNet mentions in their blog post, you can test it right now by adding -StreamingClient to the end of the target line on your Guild Wars 2 shortcut. For new players, this affects the character creator, tutorial, and your corresponding 1-15 zone. As for returning players, the streaming affects whatever area you happen to be in, though downloading the map might take a bit. China will be getting this feature later.

The camera options were mentioned back in February and originally expected a week prior, but the March 16 update finally brings the additional features, including the return of first-person view, adjustable field of view, character height adjustment, and more. I recommend checking your settings for these options upon logging in.

Stability, for those unaware, was previously a blanket buff that remained effective over a period of time, until the buff ran out. Today, the boon is completely changed, where skills now apply stacks of stability. Some skills apply more stacks than others, while those whose descriptions remain unchanged apply just one. PVE and PVP are about to get a lot more interesting. The full patch notes offer a rundown of all skill changes.

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