Hell’s demon pike is good


Obviously higher is better, but IMO 50% is a great start, your most important skill is rush for now so focus on getting that 1 as high as possible but don’t waste all your silver on it. Being able to do high amount of damage is important though because rush both damage the enemies and stun them with restrain, so it’s great to be able to execute a great amount of damage with that particular skill and kill those 40k+hp mages without worries.

imo you should consider putting gung ho at lvl 3, get lvl 3 bash, lvl 5 double slash and lvl 9 concentrate bash’s knockdown really does help in pvp and i still use it to this day, and double slash is an amazing skill which i use for both pve and pvp the uses of double slash in pvp is another skill to your rotation to proc restrain off of, its multi hit and kinda used as “emergency” restrian proc.

if you gonna ditch double slash and bash anyway, then the answer to your question is to spend the points on concentrate because the formula scales better than gung ho’s flat increase, and has no defense penalty.

this can be through gear or dex, its easier to do it with a generous amount of dex imo if you want to pvp i’d bump the con a bit but generally dex seem more rewarding than str especially to our kind of class because of so many types of block penetration attributes masteries and skills, so yea i’d definitely say that dex is a good choice, i stat reseted from a str focused build to the one you see above which is full dex, and in my experience dex had more benefits to me.

cripple is expensive, hell’s demon pike is good if you want but crit rate from cata pike is better imo. when you get to lvl 315, definitely save your practonium for Regard horn pike (this is what i’m working towards right now once we get info on where to get this amazing spear) until you get to that i’d stick with cata pike.

There’s Manahas set, Hasta set (lots of CON in the Hasta plate set) and another good one AFAIK. I’ve been using Shade top, bottom, sup bandit gloves and grynas greaves for high evasion (I have pelt so I can really dodge most attacks and I have no trouble hitting people) but I wanted to get a plate top and 3 leather pieces to keep high evasion. Leather top seems suicide with Dethrone and Balestra around. Hasta set drops from new WB IIRC.

Cloth is great against fencers and dragoons but catagoons would get a huge bonus on their Rush and I’m trying to avoid that. Most foot goons miss me or don’t have Iron Hook so I can deal with them. Catagoons are a nightmare because they can position themselves faster and it’s a pain in the ass to hook a cata with uptime trot playing in keyboard mode. I rarely miss a hook against most people but I rarely hook a cataphract. Manual block doesn’t help me either (too much block pen). They are the only ones giving me a reasonable trouble right now.

Dragoon c2 has the upper hand however when it comes to that, i think its obvious that you can literally just dethrone them from miles away binding them so they won’t be able to use ausrine (that actually happened one time when i was in TBL with a dragoon c2 who did that to the enemy diev).

Also, when chasing archers with high evasion, use your multi-hit skills. 1 hit Serpentine debuff → 3hits of Dragontooth has a good chance of taking them down, but a missed dethrone just let’s them take you down. The only things that are really impossible to deal with are subzero shield and r7x. You’ll have to bite the bullet unless a cleric on your team is their direct counter.

personally i’m wearing one rhevisan and one glass bracelet, i have to say that it makes a big difference, it give not only dark resistance, but also 12 con (or 24 if you wear both) and magic defense, definitely wear it to deal with mages in fact i am working on crafting a 2nd one right now.

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