How to evaluate the

How to evaluate the

What you will read below is our reviews about Poe4orbs services, prices, mode of payment, speed in delivery and their customer service. We do some research and compile it for you to make your own analysis. Find out is Poe4orbs is a scam or legit ORBS site. Discover Poe4orbs delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Poe4orbs legit? Is Poe4orbs safe and reliable? Review

About the company is a Chinese company founded 2010 of October. They have wide scoop services offered from different popular games like Final Fantasy. They claimed that they already reached 50,000 numbers of registrants and good feedback from their Americana and European customers.

They cater services from different games like Path of Exile ORBS. Aside of in game currency they offer other services like Power leveling and in game items.

With regards with prices, Poe4orbs is 3% cheaper compare to other seller which sell $30.49 for 50,000 POE ORBS in Aegwynn Alliance server. Poe4orbs POE power leveling service is also 20% cheaper, though the services is only applicable if you are 90+ and above and they don’t have leveling services for profession, achievement and reputation.

Mode of Payment
You choose from the Paypal, Credit Cards and Western Union as mode of payment.

Delivery Speed
There is complaint against Poe4orbs that they keep on claiming that they have inventory but after they got paid they make excuses why your ORBS took days to deliver instead of minute. See full review below.

Customer Service
I tried talk to their customer support but it seems busy because I need to wait 40 mins to answer my inquiry. Also there is angry customer from the past that claim that Poe4orbs support is extremely rude and not responding to his emails. See full review below.

Customer Feedback
Below is compilation of feedback that we gather from our research, click the arrow button to read more. Note that you will directed to original source of the comment.

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