Ivern: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

I quit playing league a long time ago, but continue to watch World’s to support my favorite teams. Haven’t had an interest in new champions in quite some time now, but this guy is epic. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me. Nightblue3 is going to love this guy.

i still feel like he is one of the worst champ designs in the game,his abilities(especially the one with the bush) have nothing to do with how he should work as an support,cleartly all his abilities are for an support,but not as they do not cope with each other.

my only gripe is tht it isn’t truly all random, it just picks from your pool so you end up with accounts that have only siege champs to win as many arams as possible.

That’s true. Although, Riot apparently patched it so it that the randomness of the pick you get is truly random. It sucks that sometimes you get a Malphite-Yasuo-Lux-Cho. You have no chances against that comp.

hello guуs most plаyers don’t know how to get thoooоusands of RP or even send themselvеs mysterу gifts.. after all this time.. here gо аhead and do the method I am using. It won’t hеlpmуou get out of Brоnze, but at least you’ll have сlаss.

To be honest, i think some of these new champs r becoming too overpowered for new comers, like; Illaoi, Aurelion Sol, Tahm Kench and now This guy. Their ideas are good, really good. Just seems a bit too overpowered.

It’s the same control as Tibbers. Granted that Tibbers is a bit clunky, but if he only attacked what you attack, that would cripple his usefulness. what if you’re not attacking as you run away? Or maybe you want Daisy to knock up the back line but they’re out of range and you can’t get past the tanks? Send Daisy.

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