Mu Legend – Full Warmage Guide Lvl 65 175K Cp

Great to see another player choosing the same skills as me. I actually kind of complained about the mage on the forum. Because when it comes to PvP these skills dont deliver enough damage but you cant afford not to use at least 3 out of the 4 defensive skills since without dodging in PvP mage dies 2 seconds (and fire curtain doesnt work in PvP because players just move away).

this is so sad to see, no grind. This is going to be one month game, everything is easy… level and gear use to take months even years to grind. i hope they going to change that and make it a bit closer to the classic.

the equpiment set up is like something out of a mobile game…eh. Its bad enough the UI skill bar, rift idea, and paragon is straight from d3 which is cancer city and im not digging the bright anime design of the game at all time but i do like the skill set up and the expert skill branching off. Gotta get in the game and check it out for real aside from watching half a dozen videos and going ‘meh’.

I would also ask if you ever have been playing mu online (the very first one mu). The game is incomparable but the only concern that i have about the new one coming is the cash shop. I would be happy to buy a monthly sub but knowing webzen the cash shop is just worst than a monthly sub. I know it’s speculation so far.

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