Nova Genesis Guide: Geodes

Nova Genesis, a classic MMORPG with 2.5D graphics, is a popular browser game launched by R2Games not long ago. The game set in a rich fantasy world infused with a touch of sci-fi, featuring three unique playable classes as well as six distinct races that make up the mobs, bosses and NPCs within its world. And today, I’m going to introduce the Geodes in this game.

Nova Genesis

There are 5 types of Fusion: Fine, Greater, Rare, Epic, and Ultra. Fusing Geodes gives points.

There’s a chance a of illumination when fusing Geodes. There are 3 fusion attempts per day.

Batch Fusion: VIP4 and higher can make use of this function.

Sell All: Sells all Geodes of a selected quality.

Store All: Stores all Geodes in Bag.

Consume All: Consumes all Geodes except those of the highest quality.

Geode Bag: Players begin with 12 slots. Diamonds can be used to gain additional slots.

Mark: Geodes can be marked. Marked Geodes won’t be merged.

Batch Merge: Marges geodes that aren’t marked.

Geode Gear: Geodes can be equipped by dragging them or double-clicking. A geode slot will open every ten levels. Every piece of equipment can have a geode slot but can’t equip geodes with similar stat bonuses.

Geode Upgrade: Higher level geodes have better stat bonuses, but require more EXP to upgrade. Dragging a geode to another will cause it to be absorbed and make it disappear.

Geode Set: sets of 2 or 4 geodes will unlock additional stat bonuses.

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