One hope is for when the eventual swordman buffs are here

Pretty much my worst regret on CBT2, Gungho really looks amazing until you reach the point where 15 damage contributes very little. Right now if I get a free reset I’d put 2/5 Gungho and 5/5 Pain Barrier. It’s just so much useful with all these high level monsters pushing you around slightly canceling your skill.

Still undecided on the worth of Frenzy. If it was a passive, or long duration spell, or if it could apply through the skills. Essentially, it’s only good for bossing but that would only matter if the average bossing was challenging. By the way how does it work when you hit several mobs with your normal auto attack?

One hope is for when the eventual swordman buffs are here, they’ll rework some of these abilities. Taking these now only means gaving 5/10 on both head chopper and dust devil, not a huge decrease in damage to be honest. We’ll see.

I really wanna comment on how good Preparation is. It is, correct me if I’m wrong, one of the only skill in the whole swordsman tree that scales, that is a 200% increase in pierce SKILL damage. That’s friggin insane.


I feel that fencer2 is the way to go as we might get a really good circle 3 whereas compared to cor2, you’ll need another 2 ranks to achieve fenc3. Even if fenc3 ends up mediocre, you can always go back for cor2 and have Preparation > Hexen Dropper. Imagine that.

Really sorry but I felt like in need of clearing something up. Swordsman 2 is not all about Gung Ho or Concentrate. In fact, I would not even take Concentrate at all. Pain Barrier and Restrain stun/slow is what sells it. Just so others do not start thinking that every Swordsman2 out there went “ohmagad concentratez to da macks!” as the main reason.

Preparation will always be good, so is any skill that uses percentages, like Guardian sttribute for example. At the same Jolly Roger at 10 will always be good utility for solo and party play and it provides multiple benefits, not just 1. Damage is really inconsequential when trying to decide between Corsair C2 and Fencer C2, I’m not going to out DPS a archer anyway.

Since it hasn’t really been covered I’ll say what little I know about stat builds when it comes to fencer, as well as addressing some other things I see people bring up. Full str will absolutely give you the most DPS (on paper) but evasion is extremely useful for this class. Given the close range nature of swordsmen, getting knocked back/down (which later on is pretty much every time you get hit) really destroys any dps you are hoping to have. That’s why I advocate a dex build with leather armor. You need a total of 1100-1300 (I’d love to get an exact number, but I don’t know what mob has the highest accuracy in the game) to reach the 80-85% evasion cap on everything once you’re level 280. It’s also a common misconception that “evasion falls off” or stops becoming useful. This really isn’t the case.

This all being said, I’m confident fencers are capable of being the strongest 1v1 swordsmen. Though this is very ping/gear reliant. I quit my level 272 full str hop3->doppel->dragoon for fencer, and when I was level 230 on my fencer, I already had more DPS AND survivability than my dragoon. A lot of this is because of evasion, but a decent portion of it is because of attaque composee. It’s like having an as fast if not faster always off cooldown and double the skill damage stabbing. Sept is also an insane skill, but yeah. Don’t think that fencer dps is low. It can actually be incredible.

By saying that your builds are not part of the optimal meta build you are saying the the rest tank sword build meant to be in that meta or be op, you are saying that you know what is op and that’s really hilarious. You don’t need to be OP or part of meta to do end game boss and ET you just need to be decent and be capable to be a bit usefull. The op build will be when all the decent build will compare themselve a see what is the best.

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