Plenty other fancy camera tricks that happen during the game

Anyone else notice how the screen shakes on every attack? I know some games have this feature, but its usually limited to critical strikes only.. here on this game, every single successful attack makes the screen shake.. this is a horrible feature, specially when used constantly like this. Give us the choice to turn this off, not all players enjoy this constant, pointless screen shaking effect. If I was to point the worst visual feature on this game, it would definitely be how my screen seems to be suffering from epileptic convulsions during combats.. this is extremely annoying and useless.

Also, there is a lot room for improvements on this game and we dont have a forum dedicated for that. Its time to start one, I dont get how the devs can dig through so many topics on the General forums, searching for important things.

The biggest problem however is that not only is crit high, the latest content patch added a buff, whenever you kill a boss or named mob within esc/nsh you gain a stacking crit buff for 15mins, this stacks up to 10 times and gives most people near 100% crit chance, after doing the daily quests in both areas I normally have to stop the game for a few hours as it gives me a splitting headache I have 3 chars at max, yet I cant even do dailies on all of them every day just because of this, I have searched around and even done file edits others have suggested to no avail, there is no fix for the shaking, it is impossible to disable it.


I can’t argue with an option to turn it off, but there is definitely an issue with mouse sensitivity too that some people may not be noticing. The game really does have a tendency to tilt your view up or down while furiously flinging your fingers for those super awesome combos. If you play with an awesome game mouse, and your skills are all primarily set to it, you may be shaking your own screen accidentally, on TOP of the very real critical screen shake.

There is no link, I have tried every suggested edit I could find before now and none of them do anything, I think this is an option that cannot be turned off and I am playing less and less because of it giving me headaches, now that I have so much crit my camera doesn’t stop shaking when fighting it can be as less as 10min into the game that I get a headache, I have been logging out as soon as I get the headache and logging back in when it has gone, but I have not even managed to stay online long enough to finish dailies on a single character today and I first logged in 10 hours ago, I find no enjoyment trying to play the game with my head killing the entire time, I think I may just have to take a break until they fix this if they ever do at all.

Can anyone that has played other regions please tell me if this ever got fixed, I know we are still on 2012 content so 4 years of updates away from where it is now, I don’t mind spending time leveling all alts where it is bearable due to low crit chance if I knew that at some point this would be fixed, but as I can no longer play endgame at all because of this, it would be pointless to waste the time leveling if this never gets fixed in some form.

There are already plenty other fancy camera tricks that happen during the game (e.g. airborne combos and windwalking perspective change) that contribute to immersion that you don’t need a shake for every impact. Especially in longer fights it would be great if there was an option to turn it off or the camera will be shaking constantly for a couple minutes which can be really hard to watch while trying to concentrate on the boss mechanics.

I don’t understand because on the game start in January there actually WAS the option to disable this thing !! Which I turned out immediately so I don’t have this trouble anymore. But, someone asked the same question on the FR Forum and I can’t find the option anymore !!! I thought, am I blind or something and then found this thread. The option may have disappeared, I don’t know why… Hope this will be fixed soon.

In most MMO’s i play melee but i really like the FM in this game. I actually figured out on my own that alternating LMB and RMB appears to increase attack speed since they must not share a GCD or whatevers. I never noticed the minor screen shaking that this does, or even any other FM attack. I might have to pay attention to this a lot closer because i’ve been playing B&S and other games less and less due to headaches. I also play FO4 and other games on the side and i thought my headaches were coming from those other games but gonna be looking at B&S now.

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