PvP in AO is amazingly fun and people really enjoy doing it


A reputation system isn’t just something you spuriously throw into a complex MMO system. An effective reputation system needs be a holistic part of the overall game design from the start, to have any chance of being successful. Even then, most systems just become mini-games themselves that people learn to game and work around.

Think about why reputation/justice systems created. Hell, not just in game but in real life, too. The goal of these systems discourage certain types of behavior. The systems reward compliance and punish non-compliance. What behavior are we trying to discourage with our rep/jus system? Zerging? Random KoS? PvP?

Look, players are always going to want to zerg up and kill solo and small groups of players. PvP in AO is amazingly fun and people really enjoy doing it. Stealing people’s shit is amazingly fun too. Getting your own shit stolen isn’t fun at all. As long as these fact don’t change, people will zerg up and kill others.

Here’s the issue: Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, you can do with a reputation/justice system will stop people from random zerg killing. No amount of crime points, or murder count, or penalties will ever prevent them from doing what they enjoy doing in the game. Any system harsh enough to stop random zerg killing would be harsh enough to stop people from playing the game.

The best we can do is aim to have the rest of the design in the game promote more balanced pvp, though the GvG system, hostility, and other systems that are already in place.

The game is starting to cater more towards the casual player to attract large audiences. Seems to me like they can’t make up their mind on pvp/pve and are trying to cater to both sides. My only complaint is that I was brought into this as a pvp’er and the progression is so flat there is hardly any difference between the tiers. The worst thing you can do to a pvp’er is create an equalized environment where the weapons and gear they worked for are almost meaningless. Currently the fact that I can kill a player in 7.3 with 5.3 without breaking much of a sweat makes the tier progression almost not worth the effort.

Man I feel the same way, The game went from being this great Journey where I could be in game for hours on end day after day and never get bored just roaming around meeting new people the pvp, pve was good gathering grinding full loot you could use tactics to take down your enemy its was the full package a game that everyone had been waiting for.

And then you could see that with each patch was getting more and more Soft core and ruining the perfect vision for this game. Since then it feels like the game is being designed for 12 year old kids starting to Pvp and get competitive for the first time in there lives. The combat has gone from something special to this sad system where we just face tank each other there is close to no tactical advantage left in the game no Fight for resources Looting other players doesn’t feel special anymore the maps are just endless zones with no purpose.

I keep coming back because i know there is one of the best pvp mmo’s there is, underneath all these game ruining patches and we will probably never have that game back even though the patches are going in the right direction now. The game will most likely never feel the same every again just because of a few systems hurting the whole experience.

Your missing my point, the progression gap is so flat right now and minimal per tier that why even have it at all? It feels to me it’s just something to do and grind for, but the gains not substantial enough to justify the grind. Believe me when I say a 4.3 can just as easily kill a 6.3, and it shouldn’t be as easy as it is now, that’s all I am saying.

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