Spectral Gods: Lasers! Life BasedFinish Game Bossing

So maintaining true towards the classic summoner roots right here may be the next iteration of the build for 3.2b! The develop this time is going to be attempting out several of the new monsters. Primarily Solar Guards or Frost Sentinels for their incredible AI, Tankiness, range, and damage.

Tokuhama’s Vangaurds/Cannibal Fire Eaters for their extremely higher end single target harm.

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This will a general specter build so you can match in any specter variety you wish. Just tweak your curses and assistance gems.

I get these types of queries a good deal so…
THIS Create IS OPTIMIZED FOR CLEAR SPEED. This suggests moving as fast as you possibly can to clear the next pack for loot. It just so takes place that specter is sturdy enough to carry and defeat any end game boss.

When you guys wish to discuss summoners theory crafting or just general question general, Discord Channel.
-> https://discord.gg/XwWdSUa

I have noticed people wanted to try/see previous versions of the builds so I began a develop archive.
-> Make Archive

My Patreon Web page:
-> https://www.patreon.com/Mattc3303

-> Speedy Clear Speed
-> Secure Clearing
-> Will not demand any high priced items to obtain going (most high-priced item is 5L or 6L vis mortis)
-> Pretty protected for Bossing(with fantastic positioning)
-> Versatile with aura selections, curses, gear, and passive tree alternatives
-> Going bossing mode gives us sufficient dps to kill guardians in sub 20s or so. Sufficient DPS to melt shaper too.
-> Can run most map mods except elemental reflect

– Poor Physical Mitigation, when hit
– Does demand some distinct uniques(so ssf might be really hard)
– Walls are also op please nerf (can’t do indoor maps properly)

Offensive Mechanics:
-> 4x Crit Spectre’s with Victario’s Charity power charge
-> 7x zombies
-> 1x Animated Guardian(aura bot)
-> 1x stone golem

Defensive Mechanics:
-> Superior Mobility to dodge/ + fortify on shield charge
-> In a position to hit 7k+ life with good gear and optimized ability tree
-> Life pots provides an enormous burst heal with blood grip one of a kind amulet

If Life Regen Tree
-> Regen version can get up to 1.5k regen on consecrated ground.

If Dodge Tree:
-> 40% Dodge (+10% if Quartz up)
-> 30% Spell Dodge (+10% if Quartz up)

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