The forgotten/dead champions in League of Legends

It’s not funny, it’s literal cancer. The retarded move speed, gets bonus damage for building tanky his ult is 5 man cc and massive end damage against an ad pick and no damage taken against an ap pick. It’s literally a pick win, if you pick an ad champ, he can’t do shit, pick teemo, he wins lane unless he’s border line retarded.

we know bud! if u dont see him why not play him? he is a pretty decent pick in the jungle man honestly he really is strong if he builds hybrid tank/bruiser. (e.g. Spirit Visage, Randuin’s, Titanic Hydra, Frozen Mallet, Ohmwrecker and Boots duh lol) this is that friends build and i see him one shot botlane ADC’s with this.

After his rework, building him only ap actually makes me feel like it decreases his potential. Not because he is not becoming tanky or he has ad scale too or aynthing else, its just about his q. Without attackspeed people can runaway from your his q so easily with flash and sometimes even by walking. With attackspeed they dont even realize you hit your third q lol. Also his updated passive (the shield) last so less compared to past so its better if you deal damage constantly compared being a nuker. Thats why I came up with such a build. Deals damage continuesly, (because the damage is mostly based on his q), having ton of slow effects so kinda has cc, and also tanky.

I liked Quinn top in s6, man the early game.. Especially with ignite, people dont know hoe much dmg she can do and in low elo you have lvl 2-3 freekill 50% of times. If not a kill its a flash or ghost lost for enemy. I like you can roam easily, but late game u become kind of useless. You cant E coz its risky in tf, W aint good enough but Q is pretty useful in tf. She fells off too much in late game.

Morde got basically olaffed because his playstyle turned out to be extremely unhealthy if it was strong, but ridiculously easy to counter if it was not. I don’t think he needs that much, just a small rework to make him into an AP bruiser top/jungler.

Galio hasn’t been in the meta for 3 years and for good reason: he’s slow, predictable, easy to counter, and fills the niche of ‘anti-mage’ which is a subset of the ‘anti-carry’ type, which includes assassins, which are much more reliable, faster, more fun to play, and aren’t just limited to AP champions. He might be tanky, but other than his R, the enemy can just ignore him as long as they dodge his Q, which is, to be fair, piss easy unless you have another tank holding the enemy down, making you redundant.

If I remember correctly Galio fell completely out of the game because of first the introduction of Braum who shits on Galio if caught in the ult, and the resurgence of Xin Zhao during the Devourer days. Even though they’ve both fucked off there hasn’t been any real need for Galio anymore since the most dominant assassin’s have ways to avoid Galio and the best mages are the ones that stay far away like Ziggs/Xerath/Syndra/Lux.

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