The game should stay as much as possibly as it was originally meant

Welcome to the inconsistency of rating boards, that like it or not, game companies have to comply with in those regions. Considering the ESRB will give a Teen rating to a game with blood and gore and swear words, but slap an M rating on a game that just happens to have a boob window on a female character should tell you all you need ot know about their inconsistencies.

Wow, you are ignorant. Enemies of free expression? That has to be the worst attempt at trying to act superior that I’ve ever heard, and not only demonstrates a lack of understanding, but shows your utter ignorance on an epic scale. The localization team has nothing to do with what the ESRB decides. Now please, stfu before you continue to embarrass yourself and demonstrate you know nothing of what freedom of expression really means.

Frankly speaking I think it looks better/makes more visual sense. In the first one there’s a bunch of random spots that look like the developers got lazy and decided to just forgo finishing the costume for an unknown reason, whereas in the second (Censored my ass, this is still a super impractical overtly sexualized costume) version they literally just finished the pattern and continued it along the contours that it looked like it should have been on in the first place.


The game should stay as much as possibly as it was originally meant to be. Every change, especially regarding artstyle, story and gameatmosphere due to “localization” are not the right way. Most people who are waiting for “foreign” games want it to play them as original as possible. There were some chinese versions that acctually looked a bit better after censoring – but it is not was it meant to be in the first place and should be a “no go”.

To be honest, I wish we had both the censored and uncensored versions of costumes in game, then you could choose whether or not you’d like to cover up more. I’d have a female character if it weren’t for the fact that I think most of the costumes for women in this game are really ugly and lacking in grace (No I’m not against showing skin, I just think the designs on many outfits could be better or just plain look stupid).

Same thing happened to many other games when they were published in the west Tera, Archeage, Neverwinter and alot more some have said its something to do with age ratings which if this is the case its just shows how stupid the laws and age ratings concerning online games are considering ALL the games contain quite obvious gambling although it is ‘hidden’ behind RNG box’s .

It’s posts like these that make me want to buy more NCCoin. I highly respect the fact that the company browses the forums and acknowledges these things. This response alone just gave me a boost of confidence in any future discrepancies that may surface that NCSoft is on top of things and they are staying true to their word. Rest assured my wallet will say thank you on my behalf.

In addition, this may explain a few things. Notice how after the RNG boxes we got a package in lieu of an RNG box and then a straight sale costume. I actually encourage people with monetary means to do so, to purchase these items. Why? Because the minoruty of us, who vote with our wallets, can influence NCSofts decision on what comes next. If we don’t want RNG boxes, buy non-RNG; the sales will speak for themselves. But I digress.

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