The stats are randomized

Now I’m not sure about you guys but I was actually really looking forward to having gems in the game. Fun way to power up. HOwever it has recentley been brought to my attention that the gems have one thing in particular about them that has caused everyone to be praying to RNGesus: The stats are randomized.

I am not sure if this is true or not, so if it is false please forgive and tell me then ignore this entire post. Anyhow, from my understanding the gems are randomized in two ways. Firstly is the type of stat that each gem gives. Thats perfectly fine. THe second however is the amount of stats a gem gives will be different from another. As a result, even if you have two of the same gem type that are fully maxed out, one will still give more stats then the other. If you still don’t understand what I mean here is a metaphor. Take two people and have them train the same amount of training. One will always be faster then the other because he has better genetics. Gems from my understanding are like that. One will always be better than the other.

Why is this? Weapon, hats, and masks work like this don’t work like this so why do gems? It makes it so that becoming as strong as someone else requires you to be extremely lucky. I mean they did this in other games such as Pokemon too, but in Pokemon they have ways so that you can get a Pokemon with perfect stats if you know what you’re doing. Here its purely RNG. Is this really something we want?


In my opinion gems should work like regular gear. At the same levels each gem will give the same amount of a stat as another gear. I have heard the argument that people don’t want to do this because it causes everyone to have a differnt build. FIne. If you want to do that change it so that the order the stat is in the gem has an effect on how much it will give.

I’m actually fine with it not being tradeable although it’s annoying not being able to store gems in club chests. People would probably only resort to afk farming them anyway. I’d rather the boosted dust income. I’m at 7249 PR now, but with using a lot of my cubits, weeks worth of lunar souls and buying the middle pack, things sound like they could very well get very steep from now on. Especially when it has taken me hundreds of dungeons/boxes to just upgrade a mid level, high rarity gem.

If making gems/dust tradeable will make multi-account players farm dust hard and sell cheap on marked, I’m all for it. If a hardcore player wants to dedicate his time to get tons of dust to sell, just allow him. But don’t require all players to be hardcore, pls, and that’s how current system works.

Other than making the dust tradeable, the amount you get from chest could be just raised to some reasonable number. It’s not fun when you have to get tons of dust to upgrade one gem, just to switch it to better one and upgrade again. And that’s for 15 classes.

Making dust tradeable will not help. Not only does it prevent them from making drastic changes without backlash, it defeats the entire purpose of making people play the game instead of play the market to get geared. Honestly I’m disappointed that radiant souls are a thing. They should replace it with a mat that we can only farm ourselves.

This way, casual players will just slowly progress their gems, just like gears, without the frustration that comes from wasting resources. Hardcore players could of course get the gems faster, and impatient ones would just buy boosters.

I can’t really understand people saying “RNG is good, because end-game takes longer, blah blah blah”. There’s time, and there’s “time”. The problem is, RNG isn’t encouraging. When your upgrade fails 20th time in a row, you are just likely to rage-quit. If someone plays casual and tries the “slow progression”, he might find himself trying to upgrade the same gem… forever.

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