The XML data is a lot more complicated

This is a small update, I was planning to include Agents and their missions but unfortunately the XML data is a lot more complicated than I thought it was so it will be implemented in one of the future updates.

I know this is kind of hard to incorporate due to constant need of updating.. but just seems like it would be a fun thing that would make you want to go back just for interest.

I thought about that, because as I said earlier, players who do not have in Albion (or are not online) can see and think of their Builds, see what they need to do and what to look for.


I would also like to have something like a fansite of EVE has. You set a goal like: being able to craft t5.4 and being able to fight with it + having a house on your own island with buffs XYZ from furniture. And the program calculates the shortest route to grind towards that point. For instance: gather x, craft y, grind 15 T2 mobs etc. It is such a waste to see your entire banking space being filled with t1 and t2 materials that you don’t need and shouldnt have gathered to spare the time.

It’s hard to tell right now because I can’t compare it with in-game information, the data online right now can be comparable to the last alpha test that happened last summer.

The data I’m the most worried about are the percentages. Many of them are between 0 and 1 which can be multiplied with 100 (1 – 100%) but sometimes it goes higher than 1 which will result more than 100%, so I have to take a look at that more.

I do not mean these words to put you off of making the site. I would love to see a good site be created. I hope you take the info and better your site so that it is useful, but as it stands currently the information is easier to obtain from in game by far.

I’m definitely interested in it. More Albion Community websites would be a huge plus in my book. Of course, with most people on break and the game being in beta still, I don’t think there’s a ton of people interested in Albion altogether right now. Once Beta 2 comes, though, interest should definitely spike and probably would remain pretty high through launch.

I’ve visited your website and it looks quite good, The development of Albion Online Database is currently halted, but I’m planning to continue in the near future. I’ve bookmarked your site, I think I will make some sort of ‘links’ page to different resources including yours (of course).

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