Top 20 ” Amazing Paradoxes ” Unbelievable Moments League of Legends

Played hon lol and dota2 dota2 hardest lol ez hon hard to farm dota2 hard in everyting but little ez then hon above all that all hard come do that in dota2 in 4.8 above rank please plus lol graphic is just like mobile games how they juke is grass no complaint but trees way better look from front u dont see look from u might see right either on where u stand just like real lol is just a lol iam only 4.5 in dota but i played all them before dota is most fun and hard thats why so many people play and go back to lol or hon just saying(sorry for my bad english)plus u can also play like that but need extra work cause all people got a moment in game that can be remember u cant get alot of that in dota2 i dint say u cant cant it and i played hon half year and lol 2 years and dota like years also now 17 while going to school just saying again sorry for bad english dota is hard and fun hon is hard to farm lol is nothing thats all without playing other game all addicted normal dota then hon then lol then dota2 please try no ofense.

Apparently unconventional now means unbelievable. And a bunch of these aren’t even that uncommon, or weren’t during the patches when they were played.

I like how it’s in quotation marks, like somebody else said it and he was like, “Oh, that’s good. Mind if I quote you on that for my next random selection of clips?”

You can just look at Midwars in HoN to see it– any ranged champion that builds damage/crit/as and has CC is strong with a full build. The only problem is making it work early game.

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