Trove Top 5 Worst Classes

I don’t get people who think they know what they’re talking about when they put the shadow hunter as the worst in the game, well he was right about 1 thing, that it’s his opinion, he’s that bad at the game that it’s not surprising he’d think one of the most OP classes in the game if not the most OP is the worst, not to mention the other classes he’s picked, the ice sage is bad if your playing solo but if your running in a pack of few against them hard to beat bosses, who’s there to freeze the boss and cause him to take double damage for a small amount of time.

oh yeah an under estimated character known as the ice sage, most people think it’s a bad character but they’re mainly people who play solo or don’t know how to play as support, just because it’s not a farmer doesn’t mean it’s a bad character, then you have the gunslinger, yes he’s right about the space problems but when your farming dungeons you ideally want to use a neon ninja or shadow hunter not a character who bases on large damage over time, he isn’t built for fast pace gameplay hence why his ability a base around charged shots. In future don’t talk shit about characters you think are bad, just because your shit at the game and you don’t know how it works doesn’t mean the classes are bad.

I’m playing the Shadow Archer, he’s good, he have bombs who paralyze the enemies, but the bow is slow… I’m using a dracolyte too and i want the neon ninja.

i am a knight and i havent had any problem with him. I play in a group of 6 and most of the time i am the one killing everyone. i have a candy babrbarian as my friend and he doesnt help all to much in fights simply becuase he cant kill fast enough.

Well, I’m main gunslinger and I noticed that you didn’t say anything about the ultimate skill, with gunslinger you could actually go u5 solo in dungeons with “low altitude” (and I have just 1130 pr) because the damage and the atack speed is very good, I don’t know if the game wasn’t updated or something but… that’s my opinion.

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