Warmane Black Temple: Complete Guide to soloing

The Black Temple could be the fortress-citadel of Illidan Stormrage, Lord of Outland. It contains tier 6 set pieces in addition to numerous notable things, like The Twin Blades of Azzinoth. It really is also recognized for providing reputation for Ashtongue Deathsworn, simply earned by way of clearing the raid some occasions.

Mother Shahraz, The Illidari Council, and Illidan Stormrage drop the Shoulders, Legs, and Chest for the Tier six set.

Welcome to my guide to soloing Black Temple as a Monk. Firstly I know there is certainly a Monk soloing thread, but I thought this deserved its own thread because it is pretty huge and could be awkwardly placed halfway down a random web page in the thread. I am writing this guide since I try to remember getting frustrated when I couldn’t obtain a right guide to performing this so I’ve designed a single myself.

Where will be the Black Temple?
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Initial of all head to Outlands. Should you don’t understand how to acquire there just appear for the portal to Shattrath City in your Pandaria city portal hub. Then head more than to Shadowmoon Valley, it is circled by a red circle.

Next head for the far East side of the zone, once again the Red circle guides you!

And finally a single you get the temple, you can notice the temple is shaped like a sideways U. Though facing the temple, around the suitable end of the ground floor, that is roughly the center of the red circle in the 2nd image, you will find a smaller crack inside the wall. This can be the entrance to Black Temple.

Foreword ahead of the Boss Guides
This instance will not be linear however there are no optional bosses, don’t even bother trying to skip any. I have included maps since it might be effortless to have lost in here in your first time.

High Warlord Naj’entus

Difficulty: 1/10
This boss is straightforward, just use your cooldowns and kill him promptly. Should you are as well slow he will use a shield and be immune to damage to get a brief time, just wait it out then kill him.


Difficulty: 2/10
Just like High Warlord Naj’entus, but using a tiny additional damage and a great deal much less strict DPS requirements as there’s no shield. Just don’t stand in his blue flame, punch him for a though and he falls over dead.

Shade of Akama

Difficulty 1/10
Easiest boss in here. When you enter the room ignore the Stealthed Akama for now. Just kill the trash packs inside the space, nevertheless, you’re unable to kill the 6 channelers on top rated on the stairs yet. Go back to Akama near the entrance and speak with him. Then just run up to the 6 channels and kill them, they die very swiftly. Kill any adds that spawned and wait for the Shade to walk to Akama. As soon as he gets there they commence a bout of fisticuffs. Kill the Shade and collect loot.

Teron Gorefiend

Difficulty 2/10
Just like Supremus, punch him and gather loot.

Reliquary of Souls

Difficulty 3/10
Note: From here on out it is possible to speak to the guy shortly after getting into the instance that I forgot the name of, I will update this bit subsequent time I go there. He will teleport you for the key room outside where you fight the Shade of Akama.
Due to the fact 5.1, this boss is no longer a challenge. You may be unable to heal your self while killing the first head, but you shouldn’t drop low anyway. Once it does AoE the spirit adds and they’ll heal you when they die. When the 2nd head comes out just DPS him and when attainable interrupt Spirit Shock. Note that when he has the harm absorbing shield up you can’t interrupt him, but just heal any damage you take and kill him. Once again AoE spirits then kill the final head. It offers increasing harm to you but the damage shouldn’t ramp up to begin hurting just before it dies.

Gurtogg Bloodboil

Difficulty 7/10
That is likely the most significant gear check in the instance, as he does a stacking DoT on attacks that could genuinely ramp up in harm towards the end. Just pop all of your cooldowns and use Expel Harm and Chi Wave on cooldown. Try to remember you’ve got Fortifying Brew if you need to have it and Touch of Karma will probably be a lifesaver, save it for towards the finish after you are low hp and just let the boss slice himself up.
(Submitted by DemoBytom) For those who are unable to meet the DPS needs it is possible to try it as Brewmaster applying an equivalent approach to Reliquary of Souls. Have your statue down next to you, and right after a while he will disorient you and swap towards the statue. In case you are lucky he will cast Fel Rage on you, which doubles your healing and quadruples your harm. Just tear him apart when this happens.

Mother Shahraz
Notable Trash: The substantial groups of low wellness Blood Elves will thoughts control you and reset themselves should you do not kill them swiftly. You can be able to kill them within a couple of spinning crane kick ticks, but don’t run about with them chasing you all day, just kill them instantly.

Difficulty 3/10
The boss herself is fairly effortless. Ensure you pull the patrolling Sisters of Pain and Pleasure that circle her just before grabbing her so they don’t get inside your way. Just kill her. Her harm output is surprisingly higher, but nothing at all life-threatening. You should be fine.

Illidari Council

Difficulty 7/10 . . . Specialization: Windwalker or Brewmaster
This fight is about as challenging in numbers requirements as Gurtogg Bloodboil. The four members share an overall health pool, so do not be concerned about which one to attack. Lady Malande casts Circle of Healing semi-often. Interrupt this as substantially as you possibly can. They may typically bubble each other producing themselves immune to Physical or Magical damage, depending on the bubble. If they make the healer immune to Physical damage you cannot interrupt her and just must let it go off, it doesn’t heal that much. Attempt to stay out on the Flamestrike, Blizzard and Consecrate as their harm is important in case you stay in them for any while, but a brief dip is fine. Bear in mind Touch of Karma and Fortifying Brew for those who get too low. If they’re in Touch with Death range you are able to use it, however, it will not kill them. The 1 you use it on will drop to 1 hp then re-split their health together with the remaining other people. It is actually still worth working with, but don’t count on the fight to end if you use it. When these guys drop you have an absolutely free ride towards the finish, Illidan is cake.
Do not worry in case you die, they appear to be bugged in that just after you pull them to get a 2nd attempt they’re going to drop to the hp they had been on if you died the 1st time, so you can sooner or later just brute force it anyway.

Ahead of you proceed up the ramp speak with Akama inside the area exactly where you fought the council, he will open the door at the top of the ramp.

Once you get towards the rooftop where Illidan is speaking to Akama once again to start the fight.
Difficulty 4/10
Straightforward fight. Just attack him until around 70% exactly where he will lift off into the air and drop his Warglaives on either side on the grate. Save your cooldowns for now, as this is the hardest portion of a simple fight. Burn down certainly one of the elementals that spawn, then speedily eliminate the 2nd. In case you tank the two elementals inside the middle of their grate exactly where they may be equidistant in the Warglaives they will not enrage and will do a great deal much less harm. This tends to make this phase just as simple as the rest of the fight (Thanks DemoBytom). As soon as they’re both destroyed he will land again and just get started whacking him. About 30% he will stun you for 30 seconds and do a bit of speaking. When it wears off just finish him off, the incoming harm will probably be no trouble. Immediately after a fairly lengthy death animation he will fall more than dead and collect your loot. Great luck on the Blindfold or Glaives!

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide has helped you get via Black Temple. I could make far more guides within the future if this proves common. I will hold a tally of my total Illidan kills before both Glaives in the bottom for enjoyable. When you have any added tips, constructive criticism or queries feel totally free to post them beneath, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Have entertaining!

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