Why is it that no one picks support classes in comp

Why is it that no one picks support classes in comp? When I play I tend to be the last to choose to see what role I’m going to need to fill. Low and behold 95% of time its healer. I have no qualms about playing support I tend to find it fun, but I don’t want to be stuck to it every single game because no one wants to play it. And it people do pick a support class its always zenyatta so I tend to have to be support anyways cause the zen is going to be to busy trying to dps.

Doesn’t happen to me THAT often, but tbh I rather pick support myself than “force” someone without experience to play it. Although being the only healer in team can be pretty difficult and sometimes people blame you for not healing them, while you just physically cannot heal everyone.

And to answer your question – people often underestimate support’s role and impact imo. Also, playing solo q you often cannot count on your teammates protecting you at least a little and defending yourself while also trying to keep your team alive can be difficult. And then your team blames you, you get sad and decide not to pick support next time.


People don’t understand the impact support players can have on the game. They find them boring to play, much like how many don’t like playing tank. Plus there is a ton of delusional players, mostly in the lower ranks, who think the only way they can “rank up” is if they carry with DPS.

The problem you still have to win the game and many are not carry level of DPS players in the first place. So that compounds the whole ugly side of playing support, you are “supporting” your team and if they are not getting it done your impact is rather low.

So the S76 who ULTS in a terrible place? I can’t do anything with that as a support. A different S76 who ults in the middle of the other team, but on the CP? Ok far from optimal but I can still ULT as Zen and protect him as he wipes out the other team. My impact there is huge but only due to the slightly better play of the S76.

personally I think everyone should put in effort to get decent game time with the 4 main medic support and really work at being decent with them. It can mean the difference between a win, draw or losing in a lot of games.

My issue with playing support is you are totally reliant on your team to do there jobs, how many times have you seen a Rein charge on cooldown, a S76 ignoring the Pharah, your McCree ignoring Genji etc.

At least if I play dps or tank I can switch to a hero that can benefit the enemy line up I can shoot the Pharah myself I can shield my supports myself as healer it’s pure luck based I’d rather have some semblance of control over my wins and losses.

I think the simple and realistic answer is: they want to be the stars, the carrying force of their team. They want a huge damage output and they want to be the ones leading the team even when, in reality, they can’t handle the hero they’ve chosen and don’t care about team compilation.

this is exactly how I ended up in bronze in placements in s3 because majority of people that play gold and below are awful as dps. I mean awful awful awful. They all deserve to be in bronze and about elo hell cause they throw matches by instapicking carry heros and suck with them.

Now I instapick DPS and carrying these scrubs. Getting out of bronze and silver was pretty much god mode for me. Team comps? awful as it could be. There was no such thing as grouping up, high ground, positioning. Buncha panic ult wasting idiots that didn’t even know what target priority or focus fire was.

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